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Woodcock hunting

Bulgaria is a preferred destination for snipe hunting. There has been growing interest, increasing number of Europeans (mostly people from Spain, France, Italy and Greece) come to enjoy the shiver of woodcock hunting, difficult and emotional. Law in Bulgaria is quite liberal and the hunting season is long- from the middle of August until the end of February.

The pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) is one of the most popular game species to hunt in Bulgaria. The males have very attractive feathering, the body plumage is barred bright gold, with green, purple and white markings.

The bird's weight reaches up to 1,5 kg. It is comparatively easy do breed and is widespread in nearly all hunting enterprises in the country. The best feature of this feathered game is its delicious meat. In case you decide to hunt for pheasants in Bulgaria, we from Hunting in Bulgaria team offer you the services of our gourmet chefs to cook it.

The red-legged partridge (Alctoris rufa) is one of the gamebirds, which are traditionally hunted in Bulgaria. The bird can be found in the valleys and the forests. It flies seldom, but can indeed fly on short distances.

Hunting in Bulgaria can organize a red-legged partridge hunt in hunting enterprises, with which we work. A gourmet chef can cook its meat by a recipe according to you tastes.

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